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*Apple Crop

-Due to a very wet spring and a late frost, certain varieties of apples were effected by apple scab. Therefore certain varieties will be limited when it comes to pick-your-own but will still be well supplied in-store. This includes varieties like McIntosh and Cortland. Not to worry though, other varieties like Honeycrisp and Red Delicious are still in good shape.


The mailers will be sent out soon and should arrive in your mailbox around Labor Day.

* E-Mail

Hillside Apples LLC now has a new email. If you wish to contact us, you can now email us at

Monday-Friday      Noon-4pm

Saturday               9am-Noon

Sunday                    Closed

Apples and Mums now Available!

We are now open and selling our many Mums and our earliest variety of apple, transparent. Our mums are $5 each or 5 for $22 and we also have large mums available for $12 each.

We also have Transparent and Pristine apples available. Transparent are smaller green apples with a tart flavor that make an excellent applesauce. Pristine are an excellent early-season eating apple with a simi-sweet/tart flavor.

Apple Varieties

now available



Apple Varieties

Available soon

Paula Red (Sep 1st)

McIntosh (Sep 15th)

Cortland (Sep 15th)

Honeycrisp (Sep 18th)

*Dates  are estimated and will likely change as ripening date approaches.