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*Apple Crop

-Due to a very wet spring and a late frost, certain varieties of apples were effected by apple scab. Therefore certain varieties will be limited when it comes to pick-your-own but will still be well supplied in-store. This includes varieties like McIntosh and Cortland. Not to worry though, other varieties like Honeycrisp and Red Delicious are still in good shape.

For those that don't know what apple scab is, it's a small blemish on the surface of the apple that most of the time looks like a scab or spot. While larger spots can cause the apple to grow unevenly or break the skin, apple scab does not affect the apple below the surface. That means the apple is perfectly fine for cooking or eating. Simply cut off the scab or eat around it.

* E-Mail

Hillside Apples LLC now has a new email. If you wish to contact us, you can now email us at

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Mums are gone!

We had started the season with about 6,000 mums of all sorts of colors. As of 9/23/2017, the last mum of 2017 rolled out the door. So if you didn't get your mums this year, you should plan on stopping by earlier next year.

Apple Varieties

available in store







Red Delicious

Jonagold (limited)

 Pick-Your-Own Varieties


Red Delicious

Golden Delicious




Empire (limited)


*All varieties are limited for pick-your-own



There are lots of pumpkins out in the patch now (small and big).  Selection is starting to get limited in some areas out in the patch. We also have lots of pumpkins on our display and in bins out in front of the store. Pumpkins are .18¢ per pound with a $5 price Maximum or you can get 5 Mums and or Pumpkins for $22

If Orange pumpkins aren't your thing then we also have a small selection of specialty Gourds and pumpkins of many different colors and shapes. They are the same price as the pumpkins.

Fall Harvest Festival 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our harvest festival this year! It was definitely one of our more busy festivals to date.

Pick-your-own Update (10/16/2017)

As many of you have seen or heard about by now, our apple crop wasn't the best this year. So as of 10/16/2017 we've decided to close our pick-your-own. You can still go pick your own apples but there isn't much of anything left. What is left looks scabby and unappealing on most varieties. We  still have plenty of pumpkins out in the patch and on our display in front of the store if you were looking to do some pumpkin picking. Even though we don't have anything for pick-your-own, we still have plenty of different apples available in our store (including honeycrisp and Cortland).

We're sorry if you had planned on apple picking later in the season but it has been a rough year Weatherwise for everyone. If however you are still determined to go and try pick-your-own, we will continue to provide you with a bag and still give you a ride on the tractor to the orchard and patch (on weekends). All we ask is that you keep an open mind as there isn't much left for apple choices.


Our McIntosh are gone in-store and pick-your-own is no longer possible for that variety. If you were looking to get some McIntosh apples we're very sorry, we hope it's a better crop next year. We are also expecting to run out of our Cortland apples before the end of the season so plan accordingly.